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50 ml URAD

50 ml URAD

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URAD Leather Care is:

1. Environmentally friendly, natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

2. Convenient: Fast, easy one-step process for cleaning, nourishing, protecting & shining.

3. Enhances Product Life: Revives & restores dry/damaged leather, and extends the life and color of your leathers.

4. Not just for leather: Suitable for use on vinyl, rubber, plastic (boots, running shoes, vinyl seats, etc).

5. So economical! Use URAD sparingly as directed. One 7oz jar contains enough product to clean, nourish, protect and shine up to aprox 250 pairs of leather dress shoes.That's as little as 10 cents a pair!

6. Easy Clean-up: warm water for the sponge, and air dry before putting back in the jar; soap and warm water for your hands, no more fussing with dirty fingernails.

7. Available in black, light and dark brown.

URAD Instructions:

1. Open the jar.
2. Remove the sponge
3. Shake the jar for 3-5 minutes, remove inside cover and scrape URAD off the bottom of cover into the jar.
4. If the oil and wax have separated, replace the inside cover and shake (do not throw away the inside cover at anytime).
5. Let jar sit open for 5-10 minutes until URAD forms a paste
6. Dip the application sponge into the jar. Scrape off all excess product on the inside lip of the jar so that the sponge simply looks damp. (You cannot use too little)
7. If more product is required, repeat step 6.
8. When finished applying URAD,ensure the inside cover lid and lip of the jar are clean, replace the inside cover, press down the inside cover to seal the jar, put the cover on the jar and seal it tightly. Most important that air does not come in contact with the paste to ensure the product does not dry out.
9. Wash out sponge in lukewarm water only (no soap)and let it sit on top of the jar until it dries completely. (Do not put wet sponge back into the jar) Let the sponge dry completely before inserting into the jar or using again to apply URAD.