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What our customers have shared with us...

Thentix™ Skin Conditioner

Split fingertips:
"When I came to your booth, my finger tips were raw. Feel them; in just two days the cracks have all closed and it's just about healed, I'll take two more pumps!"  young woman from Edmonton, Spring 2013 Kamloops Home Show

Cracked heels:
"I didn't know how I was going to heal my cracked heels because they can be so hard to treat; but the cracks actually sealed after the third application. It works great, and the bonus is that it's a healthy product!"  I.H., Hinton, AB

Athlete's foot:
"I've had athlete's foot for years, and tried various prescripitons from my doctor that didn't seem to work. For some reason, Thentix is the only thing that seems to help; I'm amazed!"  Male, Edmonton, BC

"I'm here to pick up some Thentix for my teenage son. He has athlete's foot, and he says that Thentix is the only thing that works. I had better take three (8 oz) jars!"    Kamloops Mom

"Thentix works so well on my eczema, I've got other members of my family who also have eczema, using it, and they love it!"    B.D. Vernon, BC

"My 10 year old daughter had such bad eczema that she couldn't go to school because the scabs kept bleeding. I had tried so many creams, including prescriptions from my doctor, that I didn't want to waste any more money on another product that may not work. but I was amazed, Thentix cleared it up. My daughter is back in school!  Abbotsford, BC Mom

"I have tried many different remedies for psoriasis, including prescriptions, that didn't seem to work, so I was reluctant to spend more money on another disappointment. I tried a little on one of my spots and walked around the arena for an hour to see what might happen. It looked less angry than it did prior to the treatment and it felt better, so I bought the travel and family pack.  Retired woman from Salmon Arm, BC

Soothing, Healing & Protects:
"I'm so glad you guys are here. I tried Thentix skin cream at last year's trade show, and found that the silky, satiny feeling lasted three days after only trying it once. I was so upset I didn't buy it then, so I am definitely buying a big one now!   young woman, Spring 2013 Kamloops Home Show

Men Love Thentix:
"My husband normally hates hand creams. He's a rancher from long ago and finds hand creams greasy, but he loves Thentix. It heals all of his minor cuts/wounds and protects his hands from the elements, keeping his hands in great shape!".  G.P., Kamloops, BC

Convenient, Healthy, Practical & Versatile:
"I'm a practical person, but I am also conscious of what I put on my skin. I really like Thentix because it not only feels good, it's healthy, and your skin is your largest organ on your body.

When we travel, I take the 2 oz jar (56g) in my carry-on bag. It's more than enough to last over two weeks. I use it to moisturize my body (hands, feet, legs); on my face as a night cream, day cream (under my makeup), and I mix it with a little bit of water to cleanse my face and neck. And if I forget my lip balm, I use it on my lips. One product is all I really need, and because the 2 oz travel jar is so light it also saves me precious weight in my luggage.

I was glad I had it when we went to Mexico last year because I ended up getting a nasty burn on my chest. A friend gave me 100% Aloe Vera to apply on the burn, but I found that I was sitll in pain. My husband reminded me that Thentix is good for burns so I applied Thentix, and it healed it great. It was very soothing, the pain stopped, and I could sleep again. I also used Thentix on an infected pimple which opened up after lightly applying it over 10 days. 

Thentix has so many practical uses, and it's healthy, so for me it's one of the best products you can have in your home or when travelling. A little Thentix goes a long way, and it doesn't wash off easily, and because I now use Thentix for my facial care needs, I save a lot of money on skin care. Thentix is excellent value!" North Vancouver, BC

Thentix™ Muscle & Joint

Pain Relief:
"I fell off my roof and seriously injured my back. Thentix Muscle & Joint saved me. I could actually sleep at night."  Retired Gentleman, 100 Mile House, BC 

URAD™ Leather Care

"I love URAD because with most leather care products you have to clean the item first before your treat it. URAD, on the other hand, cleans, conditions, shines, and protects in one step; and the black URAD does that plus fixes any scuffs or marks on all our shoes and boots. Our leather has never looked better!"  LM, Princeton, BC

"I take good care of everything I own, and my truck is no different. I use URAD on my leather seats, the dashboard, the steering wheel, the doors/door jambs, truck mats, and the whitewalls on my tires. And the great thing is that it costs pennies to use."  M.S., Kamloops, BC

Maxfit™ Gloves

"On the September long weekend, my husband and I replaced over 50 different shrubs, trees, and perennials on our property. Because it was late in the year, the replacement plants and shrubs we acquired from the nursery were all very root-bound. Using my Maxfit gloves, I was able to loosen each root ball, and prepare the soil and planting holes without ever having to remove my gloves. They held up pretty good too. I only managed to poke a hole through a finger on the second to last plant, which I thought was very reasonable considering what I had put them through."    Lady from Barriere, BC

"Because they're machine washable, I use the same pair of Maxfit gloves for walking, driving, and gardening."  
   N.H., Kamloops, BC

"By using Maxfit gloves, we can grip better which improves our processing time by 20%."  Manufacturing Co., Abbotsford, BC