Redlion Distribution, founded in 2011, is a licensed distributor for Thentix™ Skin Care, URAD™ Italian Leather Conditioner, and Maxfit™Hidex (Light Duty) work Gloves. We are committed to providing quality products, caring services and excellent value for our customers. Customer Satisfaction Policy

Thentix "A Touch of Honey" Skin Care is Canadian made, uniquely formulated, honey based skin conditioner that protects and rejuvenates your skin taking a natural approach to healing. Thentix does not contain PEG-40, paraben, fragrance, wax, glycerin, mineral oil, lanolin, or lactose fillers. Thentix is recommended for people with a variety of dry and health related skin conditions. Made from quality natural ingredients, Thentix moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy skin. Thentix is known to provide relief for people dealing with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin, chapped lips, wind burn, sunburn, x-ray burns, chemo burns, burns, bruises, athlete's foot, abrasions, acne, fungus, blisters, etc. Shop Thentix

URAD Leather Care is environmentally friendly, natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Convenient, fast, easy one-step process for cleaning, nourishing, protecting & shining. Enhances product life, revives & restores dry/damaged leather, and extends the life and color of your leathers. So economical! One 7oz jar contains enough product to clean, nourish, protect and shine approximately 250 pairs of leather dress shoes; that's as little as 10 cents a pair! Easy Clean-up: warm water for the sponge, and air dry before putting back in the jar; soap and warm water for your hands, no more fussing with dirty fingernails. Shop URAD

MaxFit Hidex ThinTechnology Gloves are seamless, light weight, made from breathable materials which draws the perspiration away from your skin; its construction provides extraordinary comfort and fit. Maxfit Gloves provides an amazing unparalleled grip on dry, wet or oily surfaces, helping to reduce fatigue and hand-slip injuries. Allergy friendly, Maxfit Hidex (Light Duty) work Gloves contain NO Latex, NO Nitrile, and NO Natural Rubber. A skin-friendly alternative, the inside of the MAXFIT glove helps maintain a soothing environment for the surfaces of the hand. Shop Maxfit  

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